Anchoring and Anchor Watch Checklist

This Checklist is to be completed by the Officer on Watch prior to Anchoring and a Log Entry made.   INITIALS
Has an Anchoring Plan been prepared taking into account:
Speed Reduction in ample time?
Direction/Strength of Wind, Current?
Tidal Stream when manoeuvring at low speeds?
Need for adequate sea room particularly to seaward?
Have the following been informed of the time of “Standby” for Anchoring
                        The Master?
                        The Engineroom?
                        The Anchor Party?
Is the following equipment ready for use?
                        Sound Signalling Apparatus?
                        Anchor Marking Buoy?
Has an Anchor Watch been established?
Have instructions been issued to the Officer of the Watch/Engineroom on the following matters?
Determining and regular checking of Anchor Position?
Notice for Main Engines especially if weather deteriorates?
Anti-fouling precautions?
OFFICER’S ON WATCHSIGNATURE:                                                                                 DATE:


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