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International Shore Connection for Fire Fighting

Cleanliness, Vigilance and Common sense are the principal weapons to prevent fire. Tank top should be kept clean and well lighted, it is recommended that the tank top be painted white so that any oil leakages from drip trays, pipes, joints, filters and valves may be easily spotted and leakage dealt with promptly before any dangerous accumulation of oil arises.

Bilges must be kept clean and the pumps and strainers for the bilges maintained in good working order.

International Shore Connection

International shore connection shown above is a standard sized flange with nuts, bolts and washers and a coupling for ship’s fittings. The dimensions are shown. The fitting and joining must be suitable for a working pressure of 10.5 bar. Four bolts are required of 16mm diameter and 50mm length, also eight washers.



“General Engineering Knowledge” by H.D. McGeorge