Changing Over Navigation Watch at Sea Checklist

This checklist is to be completed on each occasion the Watch changes whilst at sea.  It is to be completed by the Officer being relieved and a Log Entry made
Are all members of the Relieving Watch capable of carrying out their duties? INITIALS *00-04 INITIALS*04-08 INITIALS*08-12 INITIALS*12-16 INITIALS*16-20 INITIALS*20-24
Has the Relieving Officer read the Master’s Standing Orders and any other special instructions?
Following information advised?
Errors of the Gyro and magnetic Compasses?
Traffic conditions in the vicinity?
Navigation Conditions and hazards likely to be encountered during the coming watch?
Position, course, speed and draught of the ship?
Intended course?
Prevailing and predicted tides, weather and current visibility?
Operational condition of all bridge equipment?
Position fixing accuracy?
ETA’s as critical points?
Engine Room status?
Has a periodic check of the navigational equipment been carried out during the watch, including testing of manual steering if navigating by Auto-Pilot?
Is the vessel following the Pre-determined plan?
Does the plan require to be revised?
NOTE:If, at any time of changeover, the Officer of the Watch is in the process of manoeuvring or any other operation, the relief of the watch is to be deferred until such actions are complete?


C/O 2/0 3/0 DATE:

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