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MEO Class 4 Oral and Written Questions 4

Marine Electro Technology (MEO Class)

  1. What is the use of ‘kvar’ meter fitted on the MSB?
  2. Where auto transformer starter is used on board ships and why?
  3. Explain star delta starter?
  4. Why starters are not used for land based installations?
  5. Any two applications of zener diode on board ships?
  6. How will you come to know whether a fuse is blown out or not, explain two methods?
  7. What is meant by intrinsically safe?
  8. Name any three intrinsically safe equipments on board other than a torch light and lamp?
  9. Explain the working principle of an explosimeter and reasons for false readings?
  10. How will you check reverse power and overload relay in the MSB?
  11. What are the routine maintenance in an alternator?
  12. How will you confirm a solenoid is working or not?
  13. What kind of starter could be used for force draught fan for the boiler?
  14. How to check the insulation resistance of a DC motor?
  15. How to use a voltmeter for synchronization in the absence of synchroscope and synchronizing lamps?
  16. How does earth fault detector work?
  17. Explain the conditions of paralleling alternators?
  18. Draw the synchronizing method?
  19. What is he difference between a megger and a multimeter?
  20. Comment on air circuit breakers?
  21. What are the safeties provided on Main Switch Board?
  22. Describe how a self excited generator works?
  23. What is the function of AVR?
  24. How will you find out earth fault in the system?
  25. What is reverse power protection for?
  26. What is Wheatstone bridge?
  27. Draw the synchroscope system?
  28. What do you understand by preferential trip and when they operate?
  29. Describe AC and DC? Where DC is used on board ships?
  30. What is induction motor?
  31. What are star delta windings?
  32. What is a short circuit?
  33. What is meant by earth fault?
  34. What is meant by overload?
  35. What is single phasing and how it happens?
  36. What is fuse and how many types of fuses have seen before?
  37. Why an air compressor is started unloaded?
  38. What is the difference between ordinary diode and zener diode?
  39. What is the function of starter and choke in a tube light?
  40. What is the regular maintenance done on batteries?
  41. How does salinometer work?
  42. What will be your action on a blackout a sea?
  43. How does emergency generator starts on its own?
  44. What are the cut out provided on the OWS and checks to be done before putting it into operation?
  45. Draw star, delta 3 phase connections?
  46. What are the motor safeties, deck crane safeties, and engine room over head safeties to be checked?
  47. What is relay? How it is different from a magnetic contactor?
  48. What is ohm’s law?
  49. What is the expression for resistance in terms of length and area of conductor?
  50. What is sequential starting?
  51. What is the function of circuit breaker?
  52. What essentials are supplied from emergency switchboard?
  53. How will you confirm a minimum insulation resistance reading?
  54. Describe steering power supply regulations?
  55. What is Coulomb’s law?
  56. Describe Fleming’s left and right hand rule?
  57. Describe lenz’s law?
  58. What is the difference between electric and magnetic circuit?
  59. Describe and Draw battery charging method?
  60. How many types of DC motors are there?
  61. How many types of AC motors are there?
  62. What is magnetic hysteresis?
  63. What is eddy current and how to minimize it?
  64. How many types of electric circuits are there?
  65. Describe Kirchoff’s laws?
  66. How many types of battery used on board ships?
  67. What is the constructional difference between AC and DC generators?
  68. How to calculate number of poles of a generator?
  69. What are the causes of zero voltage in a running generator?
  70. What is the difference between an induction motor and synchronous motor?
  71. What is the reading of hydrometer reading in full charge and discharge?
  72. What is meant by transformer and rectifier?
  73. What is he units for voltage, current, power and resistance?
  74. Comment on the starting current while using a direct online starter for an induction motor?
  75. What is reluctance?