Helicopter Operations Checklist for Ships

Helicopter Operations Checklist

This checklist is to be completed by the Officer on Watch prior to Helicopter Operations and a Log Entry made.   INITIALS
Pressure from Cargo Tanks released 30 minutes prior to helicopter operations, if applicable?
All Tank Openings have been secured following Venting Operations, if applicable?
All loose objects within/adjacent to the Operating Area secured or removed?
All Aerials, Standing or Running Gears in the vicinity secured?
Pennant or Windsock Hoisted where it can be clearly seen from the Helicopter?
Fire Hoses and Monitors (if fitted) are ready?
Fire Pumps are running?
Deck Party Leader has VHF Radio for communicating with the Bridge?
Dry Powder Extinguishers available and ready for use?
Rescue Boat is ready for lowering?
Fire and Foam Nozzles are pointing away from the Operating Area?
Deck Party complete, correctly dressed and in position?


Following items of equipment are to hand?
Large Axe?
Wire Cutters?
Red Emergency Signal/Torch?
First Aid Equipment?WIND SHUTE


Correct lighting switched on prior to Night helicopter Operations?
Hook Handler equipped with strong Rubber Gloves and Rubber Soled Shoes?
Access to and egress from the helicopter operations Area is clear?
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