Starting and Stopping of Diesel Engine Generator Sets in Ships

The power plant of a ship normally consist of three diesel generators driven by diesel engines. One generator is normally used when the ship is at the sea while more sets of diesel generators are employed during entering or leaving port and during loading or unloading. The diesel generators can also be set as automatic starting stand-by generators.

Manual Start-Stop Control of Diesel Engines

Starting and stopping operation of the diesel engines can be controlled either from the main switch board (MSB) synchro panel or from the generator engine control panel (GECP / Local) located near generator.

The “ENG CONTROL” switch on GECP /Local gives a choice of control position; LOCAL position places GECP /Local in control, and REMOTE position transfers control to MSB.

Control From Main Switch Board

Each diesel engine is ready for control from MSB when all of the following conditions are met:

  1. 24 volt DC power is supplied to the control circuitry.
  2. The turning bar is stored in the specified position.
  3. The starting air valve is OPEN.
  4. The handle switch is positioned to RUN.
  5. “ENG CONTROL” switch on GECP /Local is selected to REMOTE.
  6. Each engine abnormal stop alarms are reset (alarm lamps are provided on GECP /Local).

Fulfillment of the above conditions is identified by lighting of “READY TO START” lamp on synchro panel (one for each diesel engine).

Starting of Diesel Generator Sets

With “READY TO START” lamp lighting, position “ENG CONTROL” switch on synchro panel to START ; the engine starts. If the engine does not reach 300 rpm or above within 20 seconds of “ENG CONTROL” switch operation, it will be alarmed on GECP /Local as start failure and “START FAIL” lamp provided on MSB will be lighted and alarm issued.

Stopping of Diesel Generator Sets

Position “ENG CONTROL” switch to STOP after the generator is disconnected from the MSB bus.

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