Diesel Generator Control Procedure on Installation in Ships

Initial Checkout

  1. Circuit breaker for “SHORE CONNECTION BOX” on No.1 440v feeder panel is OFF.
  2. The automatic voltage regulator control (AVR) is situated inside main switch board (MSB).
  3. The generator engine is ready to start from MSB.
  4. “AUTO STBY” and “LOAD SHARING’  switches on control panel are selected to MANUAL.

Placing a Generator onto a Dead Bus

The following describes, as an example, how to put diesel generator no.1 (D/G 1) onto a dead bus:

Engine Start

With “REDY TO START” lamp for D/G 1 turned on, operate “ENG CONTROL” switch to start.

Voltage Establishment

As the engine approaches the synchronous speed, the generator voltage builds up to its rated voltage and “GEN RUN” lamp become on and brighter.

Voltage Check and Adjustment

Check the generator voltage reading of the voltmeter on the generator by operating “VOLTMETER” switch to each phase-to-phase position, and see that it is the specified value. If it is not the specified value, adjust it with the automatic voltage regulator.

Frequency Check and Adjustment

Check the generator frequency reading of the double frequency meter on the synchro panel by setting “VOLT & FREQ METER” switch to D/G 1. If the frequency is higher than rated value, operate “GOVERNOR CONTROL” switch to LOWER or, if lower, to RAISE position, and adjust the generator frequency to the rated value.

Load Connection

After checking the MSB bus is dead (all generators, ACBs, shore MCCBs), operate “ACB CONTROL” switch for D/G 1 to close to put D/G 1 on the bus. After closure of the ACB, check that the bus voltage and frequency are at the rated values, then close the necessary feeder and load circuit breakers.

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