Navigation Checklist in Deep Sea (Open Water)

This Checklist is to be completed by the 2nd Officer at least once per day and a Log Entry made.   INITIALS
Has the Passage Plan been updated as required? 
Have all Charts and Nautical Publications to be used, been corrected up to date? 
Are Navarea Warning Broadcasts being monitored? 
Is participation in Area Reporting Systems (e.g. AMVER) being monitored? 
Is the ship’s position being Fixed at regular intervals appropriate to the prevailing circumstances and conditions? 
Are the Errors of Gyro/Magnetic Compasses being checked once per Watch? 
Is Radar Performance being regularly checked? 
Is keeping a Look-Out being given Priority? 
Any other relevant items? 
OFFICER’S ON WATCHSIGNATURE:                                                                                 DATE:


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