Navigation Checklist in Coastal Waters and Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS)

Navigation Checklist in Coastal Waters and Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS) is to be completed by the officer on Watch once per Watch and a Log Entry made.


Have all Charts and Nautical Publications to be used, been corrected up to date?
Have the following factors been taken into consideration in preparing the Passage Plan?
Advice/Recommendations in Sailing Directions?
Ships Draught?
Effect of “Squat” on Underkeel Clearance in shallow Water?
Tides and Currents?
Available Navigational Aids and their accuracy?
Weather, particularly in areas renowned for poor visibility?
Position Fixing Method to be used?
Daylight/Night Time passing of danger points in coastal waters?
Any requirements for Traffic Separation/Routing Schemes?
Traffic likely to be encountered – Flow Type, Volume?
Are Local/Coastal Warning Broadcasts being monitored?
Is participation in Area Reporting Systems being followed?
Is the ship’s position being Fixed at regular intervals and is “Continuous Track Monitoring” in use?
Have Courses been laid off well clear of obstructions?
Are the Errors of Gyro/Magnetic Compasses being checked regularly?
Is the Echo Sounder in operation where required?
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