Navigation Checklist in Adverse Weather


Navigation Checklist in Adverse Weather is to be completed by the officer on Watch on each occasion that adverse weather is forecast.   INITIALS
Have the following been informed?
                        The Master?
                        The Engineroom?
                        The Crew?GALLEY DEPARTMENT
Have all moveable objects been secured at the following locations?
                        On Deck?
                        Below Deck?E/R
                        Ports, Deadlights?GALLEY
Has the Crew been warned to avoid Upper Deck areas made dangerous by weather?
Have Speed and Course been adjusted as necessary?
Have Safety Lines/Hand Ropes been Rigged where necessary?
Has the Ship’s Accommodation been secured and all Ports and Deadlocks closed as necessary?
Have instructions been issued on the following matters?
Have all Weather Deck Openings been secured?
Monitoring Weather Reports?
Transmitting Weather Reports to the appropriate authorities or, in the case of Tropical Storms, Danger Messages in accordance with SOLAS 1974 – Chapter V – Regulation 2(a)?

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