Procedure to be Followed After Oil Spill During Bunkering

Procedure adopted during bunker spill will be as follows:

  1. Sound the emergency alarm.
  2. Initiate emergency shutdown, stop all transfer and bunkering operations, close all valves and inform the barge or terminal.
  3. Inform the master and initiate the emergency response procedures.
  4. Inform the port or local state authority.

Follow up Actions on oil spill during bunkering:

  1. Identify the source of spill or leak and initiate measures to stop or minimize the overflow.
  2. Drain or transfer the oil from affected area of the pipeline into empty tanks taking into account stress and stability of the vessel at all times.
  3. If there is a possibility of release of flammable vapors or its entry to the accommodation, engine room or cargo holds, ventilations to these areas must be shut off.
  4. Clean up operations must be started using the equipment available onboard.
  5. All spilled oil that is collected must be carefully stored onboard till it can safely be disposed off.
  6. No chemical or dispersant to be used if there is a possibility of them going into the water unless prior permission has been obtained from the port authority.
  7. Oil gone overboard should be contained so that it will not spread and oil dispersants to be used after getting permission from local authorities.
  8. After the spill has been completely brought under control, oil spilled overboard and onboard ship has been removed and the cause of spill ascertained and corrective actions taken, the vessel can resume bunkering operation.
  9. The chances of recurrences must be completely eliminated before starting bunkering.
  10. Before resuming bunkering, permission from port or local authorities must be taken.
  11. All incidents and corresponding actions to be recorded as it is required for further litigation purposes.




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