Master Pilot Exchange of Essential Information at Boarding

This checklist is to be completed by the Master and an entry made in the Bridge Log prior to commencing any Pilotage Operation.  INITIALS
Has information received via Shore to Ship Pilot/Master Exchange (NVG 08) been included in the ship’s Pilotage Passage Plan?
Has a completed Pilot Card (NVG 06) been handed the Pilot? 
Has the Master briefed the Pilot verbally on the vessel’s manoeuvring characteristics and current status?
Has the Pilot been advised on status of bridge equipment, shown location of critical equipment and been advised of errors (e.g. Gyro Error) if applicable? 
Has the proposed Passage Plan been discussed and agreed with the Pilot? 
Have the contents of the Pilot’s Passage Plan been fully discussed? 
Has the Passage Plan been updated with regard to latest information received from the Pilot? 
Has the Pilot provided information on the berth, side alongside and intended method of approach? (as applicable)
Has the use and number of tugs, mooring boats and other external facilities (shore sinches etc.) been explained by the Pilot?
Has the Pilot: 
Provided the latest information on tides and currents to be expected in the area? 
Provided the latest information on anticipated weather conditions? 
Confirmed the status of port navigational aids? 
Provided a mooring plan and tug plan? 
Advised of expected traffic conditions for transit? 
Advised of any special restrictions that apply for transit? 
Have port reporting requirements been complied with and has it been confirmed if the Pilot or ship’s staff will make reports? 
Has the requirement to keep the forecastle manned and anchor state of readiness been discussed and all local rules complied with? 
Has the Under-Keel Clearance been calculated, discussed and agreed with the Pilot as safe for transit?(For U.S. Water UKC Calculation Form (NVG04) is required to be completed and attached to this checklist).
MASTER’S NAME/SIGNATURE:_____________________________PORT:______________________________________________________

PILOT’S NAME/SIGNATURE:_________________________________




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