List of Fire Protection and Fire Fighting System as per SOLAS

Maintenance Plan

Onboard maintenance and inspections should be carried out in accordance with the ship’s maintenance plan. Certain maintenance procedures and inspections may be performed by competent crew members who have completed an advanced fire-fighting training course, while others should be performed by persons specially trained in the maintenance of such systems. The on board maintenance plan should indicate which parts of the recommended inspections and maintenance are to be completed by trained personnel.

Inspections should be carried out by the crew to ensure that the indicated weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual, two-year, five-year and ten-year actions are taken for the specified equipment, if provided. Records of the inspections should be carried on board the ship, and may be computer-based. In cases where the inspections and maintenance tasks are carried out by trained service technicians other than the ship’s crew, inspection reports should be provided at the completion of the testing and retained. In addition to the onboard maintenance and inspections stated in these Guidelines, manufacturer’s maintenance and inspection guidelines should be followed.

List of Fire Protection and Fire Fighting System as per SOLAS

  • Fixed fire detection and alarm systems
  • Fixed gas fire-extinguishing systems
  • Fire doors
  • Public address and general alarm systems
  • Breathing apparatus
  • Water mist, water spray and sprinkler systems
  • Low-location lighting
  • Fire mains, fire pumps, hydrants, hoses and nozzles
  • Fixed CO2 Extinguishing systems
  • Foam fire-extinguishing systems
  • Firefighter’s outfits
  • Fixed dry chemical powder systems
  • Fixed aerosol extinguishing systems
  • Portable foam applicators
  • Wheeled (mobile) fire extinguishers
  • Ventilation systems and fire dampers
  • Galley and deep fat cooking fire-extinguishing systems

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