Importance of Representative Bunker Sample

Bunker Samples

It is imperative that representative bunker sample is collected in sealed bottles signed and dated by both chief engineer and the local supplier. Normally four bottles are collected. One for retaining onboard, one for fuel oil analysis, one for the supplier and one for MARPOL.

Immediately after taking bunker, a sealed sample must be sent by the chief engineer ashore, so that a proper analysis can be carried out. In the event of a genuine quality or quantity problem arising, it is imperative that the supplier is advised as soon as possible. The supplier may decline to accept the liability, if this is not done within a specified period. The period of notification should be mentioned clearly in supplier’s terms and conditions.

The sample must be representative of the total delivery, and ideally taken by the drip feed at the discharge side of the manifold, during the course of pumping process. Samples should not be taken at the start or on the completion of bunkering because then they will not be representative of the total tonnage loaded. Also samples should not be just from one tank of the barge.




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