Maintenance of Water Mist Fire Fighting System

The periodical inspection can be observed as following.


Inspection of abnormal indication of control panels.


Inspection for pump and motor operation, Checks for wire disconnection and lamp test of control panels.

Half Yearly

Check for alarms


Overhaul of section valves and water pump, Check for clogging of water mist nozzle.

Water Mist Fire Fighting System Maintenance

Water Mist Fire Fighting System Maintenance

Inspection for Abnormal Indications

Inspect and monitor the condition of control panel daily for power supply, damage of lamp, button, switch, etc. Observe for any abnormal noise.

Inspection of Water Pump and Motor

Monthly, normal operation of the pump and motor to be checked. In order that pump operation test is carried out, the discharge valve of the pump to be closed and pump drain valve to be opened. The inspection point is to check whether water pressure complies with pump specification and lies in the characteristic curve. Check for any abnormal noise or leakages from the pump and associated pipeline system. Also check for the suction and discharge pressures while pump is in test operation.

Check for Wire Disconnection and Lamp Test

Monthly, the condition of the control panels to be checked. Press the ‘BUZZER/LAMP TEST’ button in the control panel and check for lamp/buzzer functioning. In the panel check for condition of connection between wire terminal and terminal block. Be careful of loosening of the screw bolt in the terminal block, the vibration of ship hull structure may bring about such trouble. Red light indication of the section solenoid valves indicates a wire disconnection.

Check for Alarms

Every 6 month, each visible and audible alarm to be checked.

Visible and audible alarms are:

  1. Mist operation in local alarm device
  2. Pre warning and mist operation in main control panel
  3. Pre warning and mist operation in repeater or fire panel
  4. Fire detection in alarm control panel

Visible only alarms are:

  1. Pump in manual mode, in main control panel
  2. Pump power fail in main control panel
  3. Motor protection in main control panel
  4. Solenoid valve disconnection in main control panel

Water Mist Fire Fighting System Maintenance

Overhaul of Water Pump and Section Solenoid Valve

Water pump to be overhauled annually as per maker’s instructions. Overhaul section solenoid valve and check for manual operation, solenoid malfunction and condition of wire connection. All pressure gauges in the system to be calibrated. Pressure switches also to be checked. All manual valves associated to the system to be inspected for trouble free operation.

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