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MEO Class 2 Orals Questions and Answers Part 3 – Function 3

MEO Class 2 Orals Questions and Answers Part 3

What is intact stability criteria?

  • Initial metacentric height, GM not less than 0.15 meters for merchant navy vessels and not less than 0.35 meters for fishing vessels.
  • Area under GZ curve up to 3o degree not less than 0.055 meter-radians.
  • Area under GZ curve up to 4o degree not less than 0.09 meter-radians.
  • Area under GZ curve between 3o degree and 40 degree not less than 0.03 meter-radians.
  • Righting lever, GZ should be at least 0.2 meters and to occur at a heel angle more than 30 degrees.
  • Maximum GZ should occur at heel angle more than 30 degrees preferably but in any case more than 25 degrees.

What is stability booklet?

Stability booklet is a document to help master to calculate the vessels stability and attitude in varying conditions of load. It contain information which help to operate the ship in compliance with applicable requirements of the regulations.

Purpose of this document is to ensure safe operation of ships with minimum risk to personnel on board, ship and the environment. It is according to SOLAS chapter 2-1 regulation 22 and Load line convention regulation 10.

The information includes:

  • General particulars of the ship (Name, flag, port of registry, yard, type of ship, IMO number, etc.)
  • Plan of cargo spaces, store rooms and tanks
  • Special notes regarding stability and different loading conditions.
  • Metric conversions.
  • Hydro static particulars.
  • Hydro static curves
  • Free surface corrections.
  • Plimsoll marking details
  • Inclining experiment reports.
  • Information on loading restrictions.

What is meant by nearest land?

Nearest land means the base line from which the territorial sea at the territory is established in accordance with international law.

What is meant by special area?

It is the sea area where for recognized technical reasons in relation to its oceanographical and ecological condition and to the particular character of its traffic the adoption of special mandatory methods for the prevention of sea pollution is required.

Explain portable chemical foam fire extinguisher?

  • 9 litre capacity
  • 1.63 mm thick steel shell, 180 mm diameter and 530 mm high
  • 25 bar initial pressure test
  • 21 bar pressure tested every 4 years
  • Inner polythene bag contains aluminium sulphate solution
  • Outer container has sodium bicarbonate solution
  • A lead disc sits on inner container and acts as a stopper
  • By inverting and shaking the bottle, the disc is displaced and two solution mixes.
  • Aluminium sulphate ans sodium bicarbonate reacts to form aluminium hydroxide, sodium sulphate and carbon dioxide.

Explain portable mechanical foam fire extinguisher?

  • Contain 8.25 L of water and 0.85 L of foam concentrate in the container
  • 74 g of CO2 cartridge at 53 bar pressure
  • Body welded steel, zinc coated with solid brass neck ring
  • 9 L gives 72 L of foam
  • Length of jet 7 m
  • Duration of foam 50 sec
  • Body pressure tested at 25 bar

Explain portable co2 fire extinguisher?

  • 4.5 kg of CO2 stored at 53 bar pressure
  • Body made of solid drawn steel
  • Pressure tested at 227 bar
  • Coated internally and externally with zinc
  • Jet of 3 to 4 m in still air
  • Jet duration of 20 sec
  • 2.5 cubic meter gas is produced

Explain portable water fire extinguisher?

  • 9 L of water
  • 74 g of CO2 at 36 bar pressure
  • Length of jet 10.6 m, Length of spray 6.06 m
  • About 36 m2 area coverage
  • Body pressure tested at 25 bar

What is meant by pounding?

  • During heavy weather ship starts heaving and pitching
  • Ship forward part rises and meet with trough of the wave
  • Then forward part emerges and reenters with tremendous slamming effect called pounding
  • Shell plating must be stiffened to prevent bucking in forward region.

What is meant by panting?

  • As wave passes along the ship causes fluctuations in water pressure which tend to create an in and out movement of shell plating
  • Great at ends, may be in forward and aft
  • It may lead to fatigue failure of material
  • Structures at the ends of the ship to be stiffened to prevent any undue movement of the shell

What is meant by objective evidence?

It means quantitative or qualitative information, records of statements of fact pertaining to safety and implementation of safety management system (SMS), which is based on observation, measurement of test and which can be verified.

What is meant by observations in an audit or survey?

It means statement of fact made during a safety management audit which is substantiated by objective evidence.

What is meant by non-conformity in an audit or survey?

It means observed situation where objective evidence indicates non fulfillment of specified requirements.

What is meant by major non-conformity in an audit or survey?

It means an identifiable deviation that poses a serious threat to the safety of personnel or ship or to the environment that requires immediate corrective action and includes the lack of effective and systematic implementation of requirement of the code.

MEO Class 2 Orals Questions and Answers Part 3