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Main Engine Specifications

The RTA-engine is a single acting, two-stroke, reversible, diesel engine of crosshead design with exhaust gas turbocharging and uniflow scavenging. Tie rods bind the bedplate, columns and cylinder jacket together. Crankcase and cylinder jackets are separated from each other by a partition, which incorporates the sealing gland boxes through which the piston rods pass. The cylinders and cylinder heads are fresh water cooled. The exhaust gases flow from the cylinders through the hydraulically operated exhaust valves, which are made to rotate in service, into an exhaust gas manifold. The exhaust gas turbochargers work on the constant pressure charging principle and are supplied with exhaust gas from the exhaust gas manifold. The charge air delivered by the turbochargers flows through air coolers and water separators into the air receiver. It enters the cylinders, via air flaps, through the scavenge ports when the pistons are nearly at their bottom dead centre (BDC) position. At low loads, electrically driven auxiliary blowers boost the air supply to the scavenging air space. The pistons are cooled by the bearing system lubricating oil. The thrust bearing and turning gear are situated at the engine-driving end. The camshaft is driven by gear wheels from the crankshaft, the drive gear being fi tted to the thrust collar. The engine is started by compressed air, the supply of this air to individual cylinders being controlled by a starting air distributor. In case of failure of the remote control system, the engine can be controlled from an emergency control stand located at the engine.


Maker: Hyundai-Sulzer

Model: 7RTA84T-B

Type: Two stroke, single acting, reversible, crosshead diesel engine operating on uniflow scavenging with two constant pressure turbochargers and air coolers

Number of cylinders: 7

Cylinder bore: 840mm

Stroke: 3,150mm

Output (MCR): 36,960bhp at 73 rpm

Output (NCR): 32,600bhp at 70.5 rpm

Direction of rotation: Clockwise looking from aft

Specific fuel oil consumption (SFOC): 129.62g/ps per hour


No. of sets: 2

Type: ABB TPL80-B12



Machinery Systems Operating Manual

by Iran Hengam