Training Manual as per SOLAS for Fire Fighting

What is Training Manual

SOLAS Chapter II-2 requires that all ships should be provided with a Fire Safety Operational Booklet /  Fire Training Manual detailing all training on the Fire safety aspects of the ship. Scope of this plan is to provide guidance on the use of all the Fire Safety systems onboard. Plan is developed in line with IMO Requirements and common marine practice. Approval by the Administration or a Recognised Organisation (RO) on behalf of the Administration is NOT  mandatory, however manual is always subject to PSC inspection.

Contents of the Manual

  • Fire Fighting Theory (Gives an overall description of fire from burning till extinguishing)
  • On board Fire Prevention (Describes common causes of on board fires and methods to prevent such accidents)
  • Fire Fighting Protection Arrangements (Describes vessel’s structural fire protection arrangements as well as fixed fire fighting installations.)
  • Portable Fire Fighting Equipment (Describe the types, uses of portable fire extinguishers on board)
  • Fire Fighting Safety Equipment (Describe the types, uses of fire safety equipments on board)
  • Safety Equipment Illustrations (Describe the types, uses and illustrations of fire safety equipments on board)
  • Shipboard Fire Fighting Organization (Responsibilities of crew fire fighting organizations, describes most common fire fighting procedures and tactical guidelines as well as fire fighting in port)
  • Shipboard Training Procedure (Describes proper actions and measures to be taken during a fire accident, in order to assist all involved personnel in proper training)
  • Vessel Specific Information (Describes procedure of fire fighting with respect to type of ship)
  • Fire Fighting Equipment Inventory (Contain inventory of fire fighting equiments. It should be updated as per changes)

Significance of the Manual

  • Master will have a guidance with respect to SOLAS requirements for training in firefighting items
  • Fire fighting procedures as per vessel specific arrangements
  • Detailed instructions for every step of training
  • It stands also for Fire Safety Operational Booklet

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