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MEO Class 4 Oral and Written Questions 2

General Engineering Knowledge (MEO Class 4)

  1. What is glide?
  2. Describe bunkering procedure?
  3. How the tail shaft sealing arrangement is done?
  4. What are the measures you will take if the gland packing leaks continuously?
  5. Why intermediate shaft is given?
  6. How will you take out the valves of air compressor?
  7. During dry dock what will you check in seachest valves?
  8. What are the safeties of air compressor?
  9. What is Heleshaw pump?
  10. Define valves and cocks and their functions
  11. Which valve is suitable for remote controlled operation and why?
  12. What is rudder drop and jumping clearance?
  13. Where and why bursting disc is provided in an air compressor?
  14. What are reasons of lifting up inter stages safety valves in an air compressor?
  15. How to test compressor safety valve?
  16. How will you overhaul a globe valve?
  17. What are the reasons for a sticking gate valve?
  18. What is the theory of density correction?
  19. How does quick closing valve function?
  20. How do you specify pipe sizes?
  21. How do you select correct current setting for welding?
  22. What is the common size between different schedules of pipes?
  23. Where telescopic feeler gauges are used?
  24. What are the safeties of cargo crane?
  25. What are the safeties provided on engine room overhead crane?
  26. Where are wear rings used?
  27. What is hunting gear?
  28. Explain welding surface preparation?
  29. Draw a lip seal and how it works?
  30. Who will you align a pump and its motor?
  31. Sketch exhaust bellow?
  32. What are the testings carried out on steering gear during a drill?
  33. Mention fresh water generator shell temperature, vacuum, and other parameters?
  34. What is the significance of stern tube header tank?
  35. What are the advantages of four ram steering gear?
  36. Describe checks on fresh water generator during watch?
  37. What is the significance of greasing steering gear?

MEO Class Exam Questions

  1. What is reverse osmosis?
  2. What is purifier and clarifier?
  3. Discuss purifier operation?
  4. What are fuel oil testings done on board ships?
  5. What on board tests are done in lube oil?
  6. What is the correct procedure to collect lube oil for testing?
  7. What is the temperature of fuel oil entering and leaving purifier?
  8. What are the safeties of fresh water generator, steering gear and oily water separator?
  9. Why purifier overflows?
  10. What is viscometer?
  11. What is the function of air compressor unloader?
  12. What is the function of expansion valve?
  13. How the unloader works in an ac compressor?
  14. Why fridge compressor is belt driven?
  15. How is the temperature of cold rooms maintained?
  16. What is he difference between air compressor and ac compressor?
  17. What is critical temperature and pressure?
  18. What is latent heat?
  19. What is meant by short cycling in fridge compressor?
  20. Different types of pumps and where they are used?
  21. What is the discharge pattern of reciprocating pumps and other pumps?
  22. What is jumping clearance?
  23. How many types of steering gear are there?
  24. Describe arrangement of stern tube?
  25. How stern tube cooling is done?
  26. How to take crank shaft deflection?
  27. Why the suction pressure of refrigeration plant and ac plant are different?
  28. What is the function of rudder carrier bearing?
  29. How many types of fresh water generator are there?
  30. Why centrifugal pump has no relief valve?
  31. Arrangements for relieving shocks in the steering gear?
  32. What is bell mouth?
  33. What is interface of purifier?
  34. What are swash plate pumps?
  35. Why is oil coming from the water side of purifier?
  36. Explain the significance of heat treatment in steels?
  37. Hosing down procedure for engine room tank top?
  38. What are the precautions before entering inside an air reservoir?