Marine Engineering is not as simply categorized as, for example, civil, mechanical, electrical, or chemical engineering. It is an integrated engineering effort comprising parts of many engineering disciplines directed to the development and design of systems of transport, warfare, exploration, and natural resource extraction that have only one thing in common, namely, that they operate in, or upon the surface of, a body of water.


From a functional point of view, a ship is a most complex vehicle which must be reliably self sustaining in its element for extended periods of time. A ship is perhaps the most multipurpose of vehicles, have more built-in functions than does any other vehicle type. As a part of a transportation and military system. the ship contains a greater variety of components than any other vehicle.

Marine Engineers and Competitive Examinations

The internet is a great resource of information. Plenty websites are available for collecting materials required to aid in marine engineering studies. But when it comes to exam oriented reference, the answers must be short and precise. The aim of this website is to provide answers with key points for the questions that are being asked and likely to be needed for scoring maximum for competitive exams such as Marine Engineering Officer (MEO) Class or MMD examinations.


The website provides marine engineering study materials that are categorized mainly under motor engineering knowledge, general engineering knowledge, safety and environmental protection, naval architecture and ship building, marine electrical technology, and so forth and their subcategories. Candidates can explore the website by searching for specific text or by browsing in the categories, tag cloud, etc. for retrieving data.