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Automatic Indicating Controller and Specifications

This controller can be applied to all possible fields of process control such as pressure, differential pressure, temperature, liquid level, flow rate, viscosity, etc. when used in combination with diaphragm control valves at the operating end. It is a pneumatic controller which can automatically regulate various process conditions at the optimum level.


It is constructed compactly and weights light, incorporating least possible number of parts. Its control, handling and maintenance is therefore simple and yet it has considerable durability. It is an instrument most suitable not only for fixing on graphic panel but also for local control, having usage in versatile fields.


Construction and Specification




  1. Control air pressure (output): 20-100kPa
  2. Supply air pressure: 140kPa
  3. Proportional band: 10-250%
  4. Reset time: 20-0.1 Min.(std.)
  5. Rate time: 10-0.05 Min.
  6. Both direct and reverse actions are available
  7. Accuracy: Within 1% of full scale
  8. Method of fixing: Panel mount or Wall mount type
  9. Casing: Drip-proof and dust proof type
  10. Mass: 5-6 kg

Air consumption, Normally 1 Nl/min, Maximum 30 Nl/min